I’ve Moved! [Update: 04/07/2014]

Well, not technically, but blog-wise, I am moving host sites!

I’ve wanted to move over to WordPress for a while because I love it’s organisation. I have yet to look at the way I’ll format my reviews so no reviews of yet!

I really want to develop my blogging skills and I feel that having a new layout and platform will help encourage this – especially with the simplistic layout that will drive me more to writing than making fancy banners and decorations, which is what Blogger got me too distracted by!!

I just need a new start.

Why the new blog name?

This is also something that I’ve wanted to do as soon as I started up. Me and name choosing is one of my worsts of worsts but “I Have To Read That” was the only thing I could come up with at the time…originality is not my strong point. I hadn’t been forcing myself to think of new names or anything but I knew that one day I’d be changing it. I had a few brain storms on scraps of paper whilst revising and here we have “The Delirious Reader”….!

I have yet to decide what my Twitter handle will change to (there’s a long unrelated story about how that Twitter name came along) but I’m pretty sure I will be changing it – I’ll make sure I give everyone a heads up when it happens!

So what can you expect from me?

Hopefully lots and lots of blog posts! Now that Summer is starting for me, I can concentrate on this in the evenings and the weekends. I hope to, maybe, explore non-bookish related things (baking treats? crafting goodies? maybe?) that will allow me to blog more often (i.e when and if I hit a god damn reading block!) but the primary point of this blog will surround the book world. I’ve had a lot of time to think about  what I want to gain from blogging and have stored up ways to better your reading and our enjoyments of whatever my blog will have to offer.

 I have also decided to scrap all but my Goodreads reading challenge because I am way behind and, to be honest, I don’t want to go back-tracking all the books I need to review. It’s not something I like doing – I generally try to write reviews in the next two or three days after finishing!

So…What about I Have To Read That?

I Have To Read That will still exist. I’m not planning on deleting it nor am I planning to move any of my old posts over to this blog. I will like my new blog onto it but no new posts will appear on there. I also prefer the layout of how I can see who I’m following more on the Blogger platform, so to sum up: What will happen to I Have To Read That? Absolutely nothing. It will still live on…just with no new updates!

I cannot wait to get back into blogging again and I will definitely try to post weekly!

Now, let’s see where this takes us..

Sabrina x

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UPDATE (04/07/14)

I started writing that post above with sheer power to push on: ideas flowing from my brain, book blabble and my fingers getting the best work out ever. As they say, easier said than done!..

Where have I been? Since having jumped out of exam mode, and from day one, I have been working crazy hours at work. This is a rubbish excuse, I know, because tonnes of people work and blog but hear me out. Sadly and annoyingly, for me, work consists of sitting at a computer staring at work that needs done. Oh, how pleasant right? I thought so too but now I’ve got into it, I can tell the effects on my eyes and after working 7/8 hours a day, returning home and staring at the computer is the last thing on my mind. My eyesight is sitting on the edge of being legally blind – yes, there is such thing.

Great, because everyday after work I’ve been coming home and reading in massive chunks which is nothing but great with the build up of YALC. (Still got a pile to tackle before I am properly ready!)It’s awesome to do a huge binge read since exams have finished and I am also quite surprised how quickly I can read with no distractions, not to mention what great UKYA books I’ve picked up. Unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing all the books that I have picked up in the last two weeks or in the following weeks because, like I said above, I don’t like back-logging. But I may make an exception for a few that I’ve picked up ;D

But that’s what’s been putting me off blogging. Having said this, I am probably now legally blind because long hours of computer staring is a no no on every level. As much as I love my glasses, my sight getting worse isn’t something I’m in love with.


After YALC, however, is where my work will ease out, I won’t be taking on 5 days a week. SO, I should (and I say this in a questionable voice) be able to do more…. (????)

…Oh dear… I should probably say I’m not doing anything in hopes that I will eventually start writing something! 😛


Twitter handle has changed into something more…”neutral” is what I’m calling it. So find me at @sabyamm.

See you on the other side! x


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