In A Nutshell: My Thoughts on YALC 2014

Having pondered on all the events that have happened last weekend, I came to the conclusion that I cannot do what I originally planned. I wanted to do a Saturday and a Sunday summary separately but the amount of things that have happened is too crazy. Too many books signed, met a huge amount of amazing bloggers, booktubers and authors and then sat in some awesome panels and a workshop!

So I’m going to do it in a nutshell with my thoughts and feelings.

Shockingly, I didn’t take that many photos, and I am kicking myself for not. So, this post is photo-less…

I cannot begin to list the amount of people I met and spoke to, but I want to give everyone a massive hug for making YALC even better. I met more people than I thought I would and it felt good to talk face-to-face rather than 140 characters on Twitter.  Not only this, I was even more surprised that someone as small as me would get people coming up to me and asking if I was on Twitter, if I was a blogger and then that they wanted to meet me! I apologize for my awkward responses that may have followed after you got my attention, it really knocked me…I will try get better so next time I don’t seem so frozen and awkward…

I want to be able to list everyone I met but I know that somewhere inbetween I will miss someone out, and therefore, I am not going to say who I met and where. I am collectively grouping everyone and just saying that I met a bunch of awesome bloggers and booktubers and we are one happy family 😛

Saturday was crazy busy. It was the first day of the first YA book convention and I never really occurred to me that I should of probably gone to collect my bearings before going into everything that it offered. Having said this, I did leave having done all but one workshop that I really wish I could of gone too.

After YALC, I speedily made my way to The Fringe event that Sophia Bennett organized to meet even more bloggers, some booktubers and of course, more authors!

Sunday was calmer, which made me enjoy it a little more because I didn’t feel as rushed or forced to pick something over another event happening. I managed to take a look round LFCC in general as well which was great, but then again, I felt a little out of place. I am a very much a book girl. This was also the day lovely lovely people called me out saying they recognized me! To top the weekend off, I surprised myself by bursting into tears in front of the lovely Lucy Christoper – it was so overwhelming, but they were definitely happy tears 🙂

All in all, the weekend at YALC has shattered me and somewhere along the way I have managed to get tonsillitis. So for a few days, I will be recovering from the aching limbs and being ill, as well as try to cram as many books onto my bookshelf. It is now 100% full.

If you want to check out my YALC book haul head over to my Instagram for photos and more bookish things I’ve been up to!



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