I am a Mood Reader

I am a mood reader.

Probably the worst type of reader because I can’t read books on demand.

Generally my reading habits create a cycle between my favourite genres: dystopian, romance and contemporary, sometime there’s a mix of crime in there too to throw me off that bit more.  It’s great on one half because I get to splurge out on loads of the same genre and then when I find a really great book, I’m on top of the world.

I’ve recently discovered my love of a book that I originally DNF because I was never in the mood before. Funnily enough, I bought three books all by the same author in one go and I tried to read them but couldn’t get through them, I’m glad that I gave her another chance. I’ll be posting reviews on these books so you’ll know who I’m talking about sometime in my future reviews 😉

But then there’s a bit of a downside of being a mood reader…

My mood can change really quickly. I can’t ever control what I want to read beforehand because I will most definitely always change my mind. For example, I was on a dystopian mood, and I’d just finished a book (that I can’t remember what the title was…)  and was ready to read Legend. I know about all the hype surrounding this book, I KNOW, I’ve been told to read it so many times. I felt like I was physically and mentally ready, I was so damn ready! BOOM! *MOOD CHANGE* -_-

To be honest, I haven’t found a way to get rid of the fact that I am a mood reader. I generally embrace the change because I hate the idea of forcing myself to read a book because as soon as it becomes force reading my hobby doesn’t become a hobby anymore. But still…

Why. Am. I. A. Mood. Reader. #Frustration

If you don’t know what reader you are, check out Hawwa’s ‘What Reader Are You?‘ post, where I got my inspiration for my post.

So what reader are you? Pros? Cons? Is there or have you found a way to get round it?


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