The Adventures of Sabrina Yam

Why hello there, long time no speak! Especially since half my posts now are scheduled, it feels like ages since I’ve done something new now.

The title of this post sounds some-what epic in a cliché sort of way, I agree, but what it basically is is an update post about what where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and more importantly, what I will be up to in the next year. Be prepared for a lot of rambling.

So firstly, where I have been recently. My dad has gotten a job abroad in Sweden and for our family holiday this year, we went over to Stockholm for 10 days. It was a very long “city break” but we weren’t just there for the holiday as my dad had to also figure out his living and work details. It was definitely better than I expected and I did get a good nosey around some bookshops nearer the end of the week (I have a Stockholm bookshop post coming soon). When I arrived home it was only three days til results…

This is biggest news that I obviously need to share. Yesterday (14th August – clearly you won’t be reading this as the same time frame as me writing it but I’ll still be writing it like you’re reading it on the 15th August) was my Alevel results day. A time where you realize that free education is something of the past and that having to actually plan your future is a now. For the days leading up to the 14th, I was more than prepared to get these results and sort out the mess that I had gotten myself in having sat my exams in the summer. I expected the worse possible outcome to the inbetween outcome and nothing more positive than that. In general, my grades weren’t exactly something to celebrate and, in fact, they were pretty horrific – yet when I logged into UCAS my universities thought otherwise.

Strangely, having gotten less than required, I was still accepted into Brunel University to do creative writing. Initially, I was a little stunned. I wanted to go to my insurance place anyway so I thought nothing of it. But then having discussed it further with my parents (and with a lot of crying) I decided to stick with Brunel. I cannot say that I’m overjoyed to go to Brunel because I have always dreamed about going to Bath Spa (which was my insurance) and furthermore I didn’t want to live near home and close to the city, which is exactly what Brunel is. It is so crushing., especially when it’s a dream that you’ve had for around 4 years of your childhood. But I can’t be too negative on any of it yet, since I haven’t even had a go at the course. It’s just one of those things….

ANYWAY – the exciting part about being able to go to uni now is that I get to go uni prep shopping, which means IKEA!! All in all, I am excited to start living on my own, cooking and cleaning – I know, crazy, right?).

Concluding the university story, what I really wanted to say was that September will be something of a slow blogging month. I think up until the end of this year it’ll be quite slow because it’ll take time for me to adjust to everything but I am hoping I don’t hang back too long.  Furthermore, I will be without a computer and this will be the most challenging factor of moving – so I presume most of my free time will be in the library. I do hope I will jump back on soon after though because I have a helluva load of books that I need to read.

If you’ve managed to stick around til the end, you are a brave soldier! It’s a lot of personal rambling but sometimes I just need to express what’s happening and I like to use my blog as a personal space as well as its main function of books.

I hope that everyone else have got Alevels they can work with to get to where they want to be – whether that’s uni, gap year, apprenticeship, going straight into work, etc. I also hope that everyone’s GCSE results turn out alright and you younger lot also get to where ever you need to be. And then for those below and above those ages, good luck too (?) just because I’ve said it to everyone it’s only fair I say it to you guys too 😛


Sabrina x


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