Movie Review: Love, Rosie

If you missed my review for Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern press here.

Love-Rosie_glamour_14aug14_pr_b_1080x720Director: Christian Ditter
Release Date: 22nd October 2014 (Lionsgate)
Running Time: 102 minutes
Certificate: 15

I have been super excited for this film. I read Where Rainbows End really quickly and I couldn’t wait to see how it’d be shown in a movie form. The thing I loved most about the book was how Alex and Rosie kept in touch with one another all the time, through messages, letters, emails, everything. There would be breaks but you could always feel that their friendship was really strong.

The film was a condensed version of the book (obviously!) showing their lives from 18 to 30.

What surprised me most about this film was what they included. This shouldn’t have been a surprise but I went into the film thinking they wouldn’t show everything up to the end of the book, in my mind I came to the conclusion that they’d ‘make up’ an ending. But they didn’t. I liked the small details of the messages and letters, which kept the same wording from the book. Obviously, the whole film wasn’t built with them writing and reading letters or even having message chats, but the film would jump from ‘Life of Rosie,’ then ‘Life of Alex,’ then something drawing them together. I felt like the friendship wasn’t solidified enough. There would be scenes of them together and then they’d be apart with no communication between them.

Another factor that I will pick at is the scene lengths. I realize that they needed to fit 12 years into the film but there were times where the scenes did not get the amount of time needed. This was more obvious when a character was going through an emotional stage in the film. Of course, this is all down to the book-movie transition and the editing. I hope when the DVD comes out there’ll be a lot of deleted scenes because it would be lovely to see a longer version of some of the scenes.

Sam Claflin and Lily Collins did a magnificent job playing Alex and Rosie. Watching them literally have to grow up on screen was something I was unsure about at first, but I think they achieved it really well. Especially Lily, when she had her child and her development as a mother.

There were also shots in the film that I thought were composed really well. Funnily enough, these two shots are also used in the trailer! I thought they were poignant parts of the film and even as a still, it could reflect so much. Okay, there’s me randomly rambling over shots you have no clue about! (Airport and field, if you have seen the film, try figure it out from those words..!)

As a movie alone, it was really enjoyable and I liked the little comedy elements to the film. As an overall page-to-screen movie, it was very condensed, making the sequence of events far too realistic for me.

My Rating:

I liked it

3 cup

Check out the trailer below!


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