Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

 Thank you Orli for tagging me!



1) Thank the blogger that nominated you, and link back to their blog  in your post

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3) Answer the ten questions asked by the nominator

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5) Ask nominees ten questions



1. Top three autumnal reads?
I don’t have seasonal reads, so this question has got me in a bit of a pickle in a whole... My mind functions with books that are summery and books that are winter-y and nothing really inbetween but I will think of something…
I think Hollow Pike by James Dawson is a winner for the cold weather. (And I LOVE Hollow Pike so whenever I can rec it I will!!)
Another one, Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger because of the wind element of the book. The strong winds are cominggg!!
And finally, I’m going to cheat a little and give an adult book, Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton – which is a book that followers a mother in an out of body experience. Very good read, a bit like The Lovely Bones and If I Stay. 

2. Favourite spot for reading?
This changes depending on season. There are two spots in my bedroom: my bed and also my very small reading nook that I created in the corner of my room. But then in the summer, I like to read in our conservatory because we have these really comfy chairs in there too and with the warmth of the sun – Perfect!

Haven’t found my spot at uni yet though 😦

3. Fictional parents you wish were yours?
Parents is a tricky one because I haven’t read a lot of books that feature parents in them. None of them have ever really stuck out for me out of those who I’ve read about. Sitting here now, I can come up with two people though… Both of which are mums….

Natalie Prior is one of my favourite characters in Divergent trilogy. The reason behind it is spoken about in the last book, but I think I can say that I love how strong and bold she is. The rest of my reasoning are spoilers – sorry!!

Mrs Garrett is the other one that springs into mind, although I think this reasoning is because of the whole Garrett family in general. I love how close and fun they are, along with the idea that you’d never be alone because of the range of their ages. But I think that Mrs Garrett would be amazing because she is such a family loving mum.

4. Best experience meeting an author?
I think there’s something sentimental about the first author meet you go to. No matter how great the meets are after that, I don’t think it compares to my first one. So best experience meeting an author goes to Lauren Oliver.

5. How do you get out of reading ruts?
I don’t. Is that bad? Reading is a hobby and most of my hobbies are on and off and depend on my mood. If I force myself to do something I won’t enjoy it, so I simply let time tick away and wait until I want to pick a book up again!

6. Who would you say is the ‘modern day’ Shakespeare?
I don’t think I have come across one yet, but I’ll let you know when I do 😉

7. Has a book ever completely changed your life?
“Changed your life” – how should I take this question?

Hmmm, in a sense, books by Sarah Dessen, mostly The Truth About Foreverhas changed my life. She was the one author who got me into reading. In my previous blog, I spoke about her so much, but I am forever in love with her books. I don’t think I would of ever been such a bookworm if it wasn’t her kickstarting everything!

In another sense, or maybe this is the same as the first, Stolen by Lucy Christoper (as well as Flyaway) are books that have completely changed my life. Right at the back, in the bio section, I discovered that Christopher studied Creative Writing. And that’s where I discovered that studying Creative Writing was an option and becoming an author could be a possibility. I realize how incredibly corny that actually sounds, but for that, I am forever in debt to her ❤

8. TFIOS excluded, have you ever cried at a book?
Nope – I’m heartless.
Cold. As. Stone.

9. Strangest place you’ve ever read a book?
I’m pretty sure everywhere I’ve read a book is pretty mundane. I don’t like to carry books around out and about so most of the places are indoors, none of them being strange.

The back office of Waterstones is as “strange” as it gets….

10. Favourite question out of these ten!
Um, um, um….
ALL OF THEM!!!!!! ;D

My Questions

1. Who is your author that you go buy their books no matter what, sometimes not even knowing what the book is about, just because you enjoy reading their books so much?

2. A character who you’d be a knight in shining armour for?

3. Awesomest bookish themed thing you own?

4. Which book makes you want to live the life of the main character?

5. What is the one book you reread every year?

6. What do you love the most about blogging?

7. And what is the best experience you’ve had so far from blogging?

8. If you had an infinite amount of money to create your very own reading nook, what would it look like?

9. Is there a particular genre that you wished you enjoyed reading more?

10. Give your life a theme tune!


I am tagging:

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Cicely from Cicely Loves Books

Lily from The Whispering of the Pages

Jayd from Page Burner

Fionnuala from Books for Birds

Safah from Midnight Pageturner

Jess from My Reading Dress

Hawwa from It Was Lovely Reading You

You’re it! You’re it! Go! Go! Go!


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