Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Everyone has a bookworm in their group of friends. It’s that friend that you don’t know what to get other than a book, because after a few birthdays and christmas’ having passed, getting a book is predictable. I’ve composed a little list of items that can be bought in store, since leaving shopping this late and ordering items online probably won’t reach it in time for Christmas!

Note: These do revolve around shops that are accessible to me because of the “last minute” idea, but most of them are chains so hopefully you can buy them too, if you wish!

Snug with a Mug


pack 2

A really simple gift but thoughtful gift. Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate, especially in this cold British weather?

72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Spoon (£2.50, Whittard)
This is perfect to add that extra bit of luxury in hot chocolate drinking! And maybe chuck in a bag of marshmallows too?

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Mug (£10, Whittard)

Saving for More

pig set (1)

Call me old fashioned, but I love money boxes. I have a couple sitting around on my shelf, some for my coppers, some for silvers and then one for the pound and two pounds. I’ve always felt that the temptation of spending that money to be less than when it is in the bank.

I found this fun twist on a typical piggy bank!

– Luckies Capitalist Pig Chalk Board Piggy Bank (£13, John Lewis)
Write whatever you want on it, display it on your bookshelf and most importantly save money!

Keeping on Top


Every year we make the plan to stay organised and on top of whatever we’re doing. But somewhere on the line, this slips and as soon as we lose grip of it, its takes a while to take it back. I’ve created a small fun bundle that should help stop that!

Ralph Raccoon green exercise book (£5, Paperchase)
There are actually a set of three animals in this exercise book, all equally as cute, and all £5! 

– Dreamscape set of 2 ballpoint pens (£2.50, Paperchase)
Can’t have a notebook without pens!

– Dreamscape meal planner (£8, Paperchase)
I bought a similar planner to this one when I started uni and found it super useful when writing my weekly timetable out. I know it says meal planner but why not use it as a weekly planner instead!

Paperchase is great for gifts!

If All Fails then I guess, Books!


And I guess, if all fails, and books are the way forward, get something different.

– One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book (£10.99 , Waterstones)
I bought something like this for my sister for her birthday and she loves it!

I Can’t Sleep Journal (£6.95, Waterstones)
Something to keep us bookworms up longer than we should..

– The Art Therapy Colouring Book – Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups (£12.99, Waterstones)
We all need that time to unwind….and do some colouring in a colouring book


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