Dear 2014

Thank you for the book-ish fun!
I can’t express how fun it’s been. Just all the random fun events that I’ve been to, and, of course, YALC. It was the most incredible experience to talk to all the bloggers there. To be at an event like YALC was truly amazing, seeing it be something celebrated rather than shamed and to also meet the incredible and talented UKYA authors. I will remember every single one of my meets. The smiles and laughs…and the tears!

Thank you for this blog,
I can officially say that I am really proud and love my blog. I originally started a blog on Blogger and I never seemed pleased with it. I toned down the feel and focused solely on content, no flares and sparkles. I stopped worrying about what an audience would want from me. I created this blog for me and I think with that drilled into my head I’ve become happy with all this blog. Strangely, I don’t get down by the amount of views and followers because I enjoy what I do.

I still run off books I buy myself, which you may seem a bit odd because aren’t book bloggers goals supposed to be getting free books? Well, yes. I don’t have amazing stats and all that jazz but I am content on running the way things are. I guess when I want to get the free books, I’ll push harder on getting my blog spread, but for now, I’m content.

Thank you for luck,
I say luck was a huge factor in this year. I am so grateful for everything that I have been able to do this year and the two greatest things that I got a chance to be at was the Divergent Premiere in London and The Queen of Teens Awards ceremony. I had an amazing time, laughing my way through the day and spending it with some of my best friends. I don’t know where I would of been without luck in both occasions. I’m sorry if I used you up this year, leaving little for the next, but those memories will be forever kept.

Thank you for uni,
Thank you for allowing me to go to university. I never thought I would be able to get into my first choice. I started uni thinking it was a very daunting place, but by the end of Term 1, I have started to realize that people at uni don’t want you to fail. I got my coursework handed back and was very surprised by the grade. It made me realise that the lecturers seek out every possible mark in any work, even if you think that you did rubbish. It gave me a real boost. So thank you.

Thank you for my friends,
This year I have cherished my friendships a lot more than usual. I guess I used to take them for granted. I have lost, gained and kept many friends and this year I have started to ensure that I don’t lose anymore.

I’ve made new friends as well as kept my old ones, whom I love and miss dearly during our times apart. It is strange, knowing someone for almost half your life, going to secondary school with them and college, and then suddenly, there aren’t daily conversations anymore. I also have someone I’ve known for a little over a year and they have become one of my closest friends too (I don’t really think they know either!).

I find it difficult to find people I click with. My interests are awkward and individual, which is probably my problem. Those I’ve known know that and I think that’s what makes me feel comfortable with them. People I don’t know is tricky because in general terms, I am a bore. But I think somewhere along the lines I have found people to talk to.

Thank you for my family,
This year has been harsh on my family. I should probably be cussing instead of thanking, but I think among the negatives the positives sweep over it. Even when we have our stressful times, I love my mum, dad and sister all. It’s sad to know that next year we will all be living apart from one another but I am hoping for the family adventures together to be even better than before because of this.

Goodbye 2014
And now it’s time to say goodbye to you, 2014. It’s been an eventful year, full of the positives that make me smile when thinking back to, to the negatives where I’ve learnt my lesson to never repeat.

Hello 2015
I don’t have anything planned yet for you 2015. I have little expectations (well, except for passing my first year of uni, I guess) so hopefully you can help me out as the days pass.

Thank you for your patience and time with me 2014.
I look forward to the adventures we have together 2015.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sabrina x


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