Losing My Touch With Books?

I’ve written, deleted and reworded this post a trillion times now, in the hopes that I’ll get a bit closer to something that sounds alright. In my current state, I think that there is no such thing so here I’m just going to post this the way it is.

(To get to the short unrambling list of what’s happened, scroll to the bottom of the post)

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Why has this blog been empty?

1. I’m currently in my second term of my first year of uni.
2. Studying, writing, reading from the reading list, more writing and more reading from the reading list and finally, ensuring that every day I am alive and well.
3. I think I’m losing my touch with books…(?)

Okay, okay, maybe I am being just a tad overdramatic but I’m in a bit of a mood with reading.

At the beginning of this year, I set myself a task of trying to read all the books on this terms reading list since last term I only read two books in full. I had read four of the six books before the first week and I felt great. But something went wrong whilst I was reading these books and I’ve found myself pushing away from reading. Completely separating myself from the YA community, away from all the YouTube videos and book hauls. It’s somewhat upsetting because I don’t know the reason for my detachment. It’s like a switch that has been flipped to steer my interests elsewhere.

The main reason of this post is to explain my absence, on here and on Twitter. I don’t want to seem like I’m ignoring everyone, that is the worst possible thing. It’s just a little hard for me to be in a community that I’m so out of the loop of and it overall makes me sad I can’t keep up.

Luckily, as I said above, my interests have been steered elsewhere. Elsewhere is the kitchen! I know, such a stereotypical female sort of thing. It is a little restricting since I can’t have a pantry or anything but it’s still nice to have another hobby lined up that I can do! I have been considering maybe doing an odd one or two posts on cooking but I have yet to master how to make something look appealing in a student kitchen! But for a while, I’ll be speaking in recipes and food and how yummy my meals are 😛


I set myself a goal of what I wanted to write in this post but I think I’ve gone off a bit xD

I’ll just summarize to satisfy myself on what I’m saying:

– In a mood with books. I’m completely behind, making me out of the loop and upset, hence my distancing from everything. I’m taking a break from new bookish related things.

– In the meantime, I’ll be investigating recipes and trying as many as I can in the low budget and minimal kitchenware.

– I’ll try be on Twitter more often. I hate dropping in and out because I feel out of the loop even more than what I normally am and I love talking to people on my account (and miss it).

Okay, I hope something within that makes sense. You can catergorise it as a huge book slump, even if I don’t. I hope this is what’s classed “growing up.”


Sabrina x


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