Review: Out of Tune by Beth Reekles

out of tuneTitle: Out of Tune
Author: Beth Reekles
Publication Date3rd July 2014 (Corgi)
Pages: 355
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback

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Ashley Bennett is a straight-A student in her junior year of high school, and life is looking good: she’s got a boyfriend whom she loves, a group of friends who love to party… But really, Ashley loves to curl up at home with a good book, and she can’t wait to go to college. When junior year starts, the life Ashley’s settled into is turned upside down – the empty house next door has finally been sold, and moving in is Todd O’Connor…

When Ashley first meets Todd, he seems aloof and cocky, and she’s reluctant to share a ride to school with him as her mom tells her to. As the two get to know each other, though, Ashley comes to realise that the mysterious, brooding Todd O’Connor, who all the girls are swooning over, is actually bookish and shy, and a little bit lonely. His parents split up and he has moved away from his mother to live with his father, and since then Todd has mostly kept to himself, his books, and his guitar.

And as Todd gets to know Ashley, he forces her to realise that her relationship with her boyfriend, Josh, isn’t really making her happy – Josh is selfish, arrogant, and domineering. Will Ashley find the courage to forge her own path? [Goodreads]

I read The Kissing Booth a while back and wasn’t all too pleased. It was somewhat disappointing after the hype that I had heard about Beth Reekles. On part, some of that hype was from me alone because I read an article about her releasing it and that was during the time I discovered I wanted to write. She is one of the reasons I am where I am now.

Out of Tune is Reekles’ third novel (I am hating myself for not reading Rolling Dice before this but I couldn’t find it. I like to read books in order of release!) and where it gave me what I expected it was definitely a better reading experience than The Kissing Booth. 

The interactions and relationships in this book was what really stood out for me. Ashley and her parents. Todd and his dad. Ashely and Josh. Ashley and Todd. There was nothing stale or awkward about their talk or interaction, I felt like I could jump right into any conversation and fit right in. That’s a huge advantage of Reekles’ writing and the fact that she wrote the books having being a few years older than the characters. I’m going to bring this up like I did in another recent review, but I love reading about boy-girl relationships. Of course, the ending is predictable even before you start the novel, but the journey of the friendship was what made me really enjoy this novel. The interaction was believable and nothing felt like rushed or slammed together just to get the happily ever after.

At times, I thought that the way that time flowed through the books was a little disjointed. The jump would be quite sudden and many a times, I wished that we got the filler detail between the jumps.

But overall, felt like I left this book with a everything I expected, a good romance read.

My rating:
I liked it

3 cup


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