Movie Review: Insurgent


Director: Robert Schwentke
Release Date: 19th March 2015 (Lionsgate)
Running Time: 119 minutes
Certificate: 12

There have been a lot of mixed reviews on this movie. The biggest problem that I’ve seen about is the fact that the movie is different from the book. Yes, it is different, but I don’t think the difference is something that let’s the film down. Moreover, it prepares us for Allegiant.

Visually this film is as brilliant as Divergent. Insurgent really does please the eye, with amazing shots of the landscape and the sets. In some cases, I think the shots of the individual characters were done really well *cough* Theo James *cough* – they got all the good angles 😉 But I’m so pleased that the cinematography has the same spectacular feel to it. The plot is also a huge factor to why the movie is a spectacle, as it revolves heavily on fear landscapes. There was a mix of strong and very weak parts of the film (and I think that’s all I can say without spoilers!)

I’m now going to break down the characters. Hopefully in a non-spoiler-y way.

Tris and Four.
Divergent put Tris and Four together is an instalove kinda way. One moment Four was horrible, one moment he became affectionate and then BOOM love. There was no real relationship build, which made it some-what awkward and weird, getting rid of all the cuteness inbetween. However, cuteness was definitely in Insurgent. Maybe it was the way of Amity but, when ignoring the instalove at the beginning, we get a really cute relationship build. Of course, if you’ve read the book, it’s not all plain sailing but I think the relationship was shown in a much more logical way.

Caleb and Peter.
I’m putting Caleb and Peter together, not literally, because in Insurgent we really get to see a lot more of them. There was quite a fair few shots of Caleb and his characterisation was (expected) but also interesting to see in a film version.

Peter is an interesting character when you compare the movie to the books. In the books he is down right evil. Evil as hell. Yet, I’ve found that in the movies, he simply pokes fun at things and is almost the “comic relief” throughout the film. His evilness isn’t extreme enough to make me hate him nor like him. I thought it was also interesting to see Peter’s characterisation in the film too as there were a lot more shots of him throughout the film.

Uriah, Lynn, Hector, Marlene.
I’m putting all these characters under the same heading. If you’ve seen the film you might have some sort of idea why, however if you haven’t, I’ll explain. There was no purpose in them being featured in this film. None. They say about two lines each and then that was their characters over and done with. And I guess what’s bugging me more is that the reason that they put them in this film was for the fans. But WHAT A WASTE! An utter waste of actors!

Our mysterious new character that everyone was freaking out about when it was released. He’s somewhat of a second leader of the Factionless, more of the harsh and a little evil. I don’t have any other comment other than that really.

What a let down. She suddenly became such a weak villain. I thought she was great in Divergent, but then in Insurgent she became this cliché, which was something that did not please me at all!! Which is such a waste when you have an actor like Kate Winslet.

I realise that there are some characters, old and new, that I have missed..however I have a feeling this post will become increasingly boring if I do a huge character break down and all my thoughts. Overall, I left the cinema on a semi-high note.

Only two parts left!!

Have you seen the movie yet? Lemme know you’re thoughts below and lets discuss!

Make sure you catch it in the cinema!


One thought on “Movie Review: Insurgent

  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Divergent film. I have to think about them as separate things, I don’t think they did a good job of portraying the relationships. Like Tris and Four for example, but also between the initiates. Also, people weren’t evil enough. WHERE WAS THE EYE STABBING?!

    I’ve heard mostly negative reviews of this film, granted they were from huge fans of the series. I think I’ll have to see this and try my best to view it as something separate. But if the shots of certain characters COUGHFOURCOUGH are good then I’m sure I can handle it if the film sucks.

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