First Year, Be Gone!

11079086_10153176397249596_528694377_nBy the time you read this, I would have finished my first year of uni. Well, maybe not completely finished, since I’ll still be slaving away with coursework, however, I will have finished with all the lectures, seminars and general teaching. This is something I’m still struggling to get over. I’ve finished my first year of uni? What?! How?! It’s all happened crazily fast and it’s taking me a while for it to all catch up with me.

In my course, we only have two terms, since there are no exams. Term one was by far the toughest experience of settling in and making friends. I’ve spoken to many of my friends, and they too think it’s a bit of an awkward time. Everyone is still trying to find their ground and, in my case, writing is a very personal thing so sharing it can be scary. Much of the work is independent and there is little interaction. I hated term one. Hated the fact that I left feeling like I made no friends.

Term two, on the other hand, glorious term two has been amazing. I can’t express how much fun I’ve had and what great friends I’ve gained (shout out to the Fast Food Friday gang!). Some I’ve made from the beginning and some just a small two weeks until the end. I do really wish term two was my term one because once you start doing all these activities, you realise how little time you actually have with everyone! It’s a shame, especially with those who I’ve only recently become friends with, but let’s hope they don’t want to get rid of me just yet and we can hang out during the second year! 😀

The coursework has stressed me out to the extremes and group work has made me want to rip my hair out, but in a good way (if that’s possible). If the course was easy then I’d really be getting nowhere in life.

I did a whole post about when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Now, I don’t let the whole thing put me down and my parents always boost me up when I’m feeling down about it. My parents have been super supportive during my time here. It’s almost the first time that they have encouraged me to be strong in what I do, no matter what the final grade is. With the whole family apart, it’s been tough, but makes me cherish all the times when we’re all together. Moreover, my sister is graduating uni this year and I can’t wait. She is amazing and I hope she gets the grade she deserves!

I would like to think that my writing has improved, I’ve also started to feel like my blog style has become a little better. I’ve always written in a way that I talk, which I find most comfortable, however I realise it’s not the easiest thing to read. It’s nice to look back and see the change. Not so much of the awkward waffle. (I hope!)

Although second year really kicks up a notch in every aspect, I can’t wait for it to begin! Moreover, I can’t wait to move out of the uni halls, where there won’t be 1am fire alarms, and move into a house with my new housemates!


2 thoughts on “First Year, Be Gone!

  1. Yay! You’re making me feel old though as it was about four years ago when I finished my first year of university – though, I didn’t finish until May because we had exams. Hope you have a nice, long summer break – what are you going to do with yourself? You’ve got aaaages off.

    Did you get the Hunter Hayes tickets?

    • I have nothing planned to do yet, probably read books OF MY CHOOSING!! The freedom! My blog will get a bit more love too i think ;P Haven’t got the Hayes tickets because my friend had to rush home for a family emergency before I got to ask…

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