Update: Where I’ve been and Where I’ll Be

Hey everyone! 

I’ve been incredibly busy these past few days and will be for the next two weeks or so and I just wanted to throw a few awesome things out there, as well as just filling you in on posts that are to come (of course, after I finish all my coursework – blah!). 

This is what I call a crazy typing post because I really don’t have any time to write this but want to write something other than coursework. And so, huzzaaah, a crazy typing post was born.

1. The most exciting news that I want to share on here – the YA Shot! Not heard of it? Where have you been? What? 50 UKYA & UKMG authors – talks, workshops and lots of bookish awesomeness. Let me repeat that for you, FIFTY AUTHORS!When? 28th October 2015. Where? Uxbridge (London). Many thanks to the fabulous Alexia Casale for creating such an event!!

Please check out the site for more information, which will explain it in more detail, have spotlights to the build up and fill you in on the authors who will be at the event! Eight out of the fifty authors have been announced so far! So go to YA Shot for more info!

(I will be attending the event so maybe I’ll see you there??)

2. More posts will come! I have a few drafts saved at the moment, semi finished, but I will get back to them when I am coursework free! Dare I say, that I will have an unhaul post? *gasp* I thought I’d never say those words, but it’s true!! Yet there may be something that will stop me from crazy post writing..

3. At the beginning of May, I will be on a two week work experience. I’ve finally been able to snag a spot at a publishing house and I am so excited!! I’m more excited that I’ll be able to get into the building more than anything else. I’ll be making a hour and a half commute to London for a 9am start and then returning home at 5pm, so I will be pretty exhausted most of the weekdays. Unlike everyone else, I’m a little slow and haven’t figured out how to balance everything out quite yet so posts will also be incredibly slow during this period.

4. I recently went to The London Book Fair 2015 for the first time and it was so amazing and overwhelming and awesome. I was only able to go for one day but it still had an amazingly huge impact on me after leaving. I have never been somewhere where there have been so many people all interested in the same things under the same roof. It was a huge eye opener to what there is to offer in the book industry as well as being able to go to some great seminars with people part of the industry. It was all such an amazing experience. It’s something I would definitely recommend you go to if you want to get into the publishing industry. I left feeling so determined to get into book publishing.

5. YALC! Who will be there? I will be there! Will you??

6. And finally, finally, just some other social networking sites that will let you know I’m still alive! I’m mostly found on Pinterest (does pinning count as a social networking site? *shrugs*) or Instagram or Goodreads. So feel free to follow!

Okay okay, I have to go now. Hope y’all having a great day, month, year! Love you all! Sabrina x


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