Unhaul #1

I never thought I’d write that word ever on this blog.  But since being at uni, I’ve discovered that I will be buying more books. I only packed one bag of books when starting uni and I am now leaving with two bags with two columns of books in them as well as my small suitcase that’s also full of books. An unhaul is needed. Some of those books, I am unhauling and donating to a charity shop close to the uni and the other pile will be given to a charity shop back home.

The unhauling book titles are as followed:

DSC_0077The Beautiful Creatures Series (Caster Chronicles #1-4) by Kami Gracia and Margaret Stohl | Goodreads |

The Beautiful Creatures was the most painful read I’ve ever gone through. I only stuck with it because I had that glimmer of hope that it’d slowly get better, but I was wrong. It was just about bearable. The whining from Lena was really frustrating and then end of Beautiful Creatures set the next book in the series to seem like it’ll be exactly the same as the previous. I won’t be touching or going near this series. Bye bye.

DSC_0087Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini | Goodreads |

I’ve actually read all three of these books. I enjoyed them quite a bit but nothing was too memorable and I know I won’t be picking them back up. So bye bye Starcrossed Trilogy.

DSC_0099BZRK By Michael Grant | Goodreads |

I read Gone and was gripped. Pass a few years and I really wanted to try and get back into reading books by Michael Grant but I don’t think I started on the right foot. It was somewhat too slow for me and dragged on an awful lot.  I struggled to get through this and in the end have labelled it a DNF book.

DSC_0092The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks | Goodreads |

Well, this is a book thatI’ve had on my shelf for years! Since GCSE years! I was told to watch the film after I told everyone I don’t cry during films and, although I didn’t cry, I enjoyed the film enough to want to read the book. And then when it came round to reading it…. I just haven’t been in the mood to pick it up! I think The Last Song will remain the only book I’ve read by him.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory | Goodreads |

I actually really want to read this book but I’ve had it for so long that I think I won’t ever get round to it. I watched the BBC TV series and absolutely loved it, which is why when I saw it in a charity shop I grabbed it instantly. I think I’ll let someone else read it first and maybe if I’m in the mood to read it I’ll re-purchase it. But for now, bye bye.

DSC_0094 Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo | Goodreads |

Compulsory reading for uni. I think that says it all. I did however finish this book but the impact of it wasn’t something that stuck out for me. I read it like another version of Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman…but not as gripping :/

The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi | Goodreads |

Another compulsory read for uni. This one not so bad as Blonde Roots, although I didn’t finish this one. It’s a bit of a bizarre coming of age read. I won’t be finishing it.


I hope all these books find new and lovely homes, where people enjoy them more than I have. Bye bye books!

Have you done an unhaul recently? What books did you let go off? And if you haven’t done a book unhaul before, do you think you ever will??


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