I Never Make Sense

When it comes to explaining anything, I’m an utter mess. I say words before my mind makes a coherent sentence and thus resulting in nonsense that people have to nod and smile at because it’s the polite thing to do. It gets worse when I’m excited over a book and attempt to write a review about it. It’s horrible when I want to try and say something interesting to an author and all I can do is mumble horrible stupid things..

I thought I would share my most recent encounters of not making sense. Cringe with embarrassment with me because it’s pretty awful.

I was helping flap 1000 hardback copies of a novel for an author signing for work experience. I was explaining how there were secrets within a folder that got me really excited and my explanation went something like:

“I have to help file online news paper articles in a shared folder in publicity and then into authors folders. I had nothing to do so I was looking through those folders in the author folders and then I found an author I know and looked into their folder and in their folder there was a title for a book that isn’t out yet.”


I know Gosling, I know.

There was another occasion when I was taking a break from working on a spread sheet, which I had to put in all the novels that an author had written. She had written a series where each novel took on one letter from the alphabet. The book titles were something like this:

“A is for _ _ _”, “B is for _ _ _”, all the way up to “X is for _ _ _”

(The blank spaces were filled in, but I can’t remember any of the titles or the authors name so..)

My explanation made no sense so the person I was talking to had to physically go up to my desk, look at my computer screen and then come back and be like “Oh yeah, I get what you mean now.”


Am I cursed?!

The worst case with an author has to be when I met Veronica Roth for the second time. I formed this beautiful sentence:

“congrats on your news release of the new book, I’ve heard good things around places”


Well done Sabrina. You are a fool!

And I’m going to be honest – I have no clue if this post makes sense. I’m a rambling mess.

Share your nonsense rambles below and let’s be nonsense rambling idiots together!


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