Review: Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

23207631Title: Famous in Love
Author: Rebecca Serle
Publication Date: 23rd October 2014 (Macmillan Children’s Books)
Pages: 309
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback

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She fell in love with him in the books – now she has the chance to star opposite him in the film . . .
Paige doesn’t think she’s particularly special, but after getting the starring role in a massive film adaptation of the bestselling Locked trilogy, the rest of the world would disagree. Now she’s thrown into the spotlight, and into a world of gossip, rumour and deceit. The only people who know what she’s going through are her two male co-stars, and they can’t stand the sight of each other. Paige knows it’s a mistake to fall in love on the set of a movie, but days of on-screen romance and intensity start to change her mind. The question is, can she keep what happens behind the scenes a secret when the world is watching her every move? [Goodreads]

I should probably say now that my guilty pleasure is a romance novel about a movie star falling in love with a ‘boring’ or ‘average’ girl. I am guilty for loving these sorts of books. And so, I was super eager to start this novel.

Paige is our ‘average’ girl. She never thought she’d land the lead role of August in one of her best friends obsessions, the Locked trilogy. Not only has she landed the lead, she gets to star opposite the charming and popular movie star Rainer Devon and the bad boy Jordan Wilder in Hawaii. As the filming progresses, she starts to believe in herself more with the help from the boys as well as become drawn to both boys, in a true love triangle romance sense. A romance that reminded me of the love triangle in The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, but with fame and fortune involved.

Paige’s narration wasn’t what I was expecting. There is a lot of stating facts and information. Things like who characters are, which could have been made more interesting if Serle expressed who they were through speech first, and then Paige adding a line about them after just to clarify.  In many cases, there were times that I found myself rearranging the wording of the novel and rewriting certain chunks in the my mind. Something that propped up several times in the novel is where Paige ran through a memory through her mind, telling it to us as a thought and then after that paragraph the next line were like: “I told him about it”. I was so disappointed about this because if Paige was to deliver this in dialogue to another character, we could have learnt much more about her, as well as the other person she was interacting with.

However, I did like the world that this book created. It was nice to take a peak into the Hollywood movie business and the constant fast pace of it all, as well as the constant travel and promotion that people have to do, which is shown through Rainer. It’ll be exciting that we’ll get to see the whole process of the movie trilogy, as this is the first novel in a trilogy, especially since there is the constant talk about how Paige’s world will change drastically when the press become more involved with her life. It’ll be interesting to see how Paige develops.

The ending prepared readers for the next novel. I’m not sure if I’m willing to go through the bounce between boys but saying this, I found Famous in Love a really easy, quick and enjoyable read. It’s just a shame that the novel is more tell than show.

My rating:
It was okay

2 cups


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