Spontaneous Book Buying Thoughts


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There’s something great about going into a bookshop and then buying a book without knowing anything about it. There’s also something incredibly risky about doing this. I’ve done this and picked up a horrific book up. I’ve also done this and have managed to pick up a book I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

I thought I’d share a load down of the thoughts I go through before spontaneously buying a novel that I’ve heard nothing about beforehand!

1. Is this book floppy?
In normal people terms, this is a ‘Is it printed in the UK or in the USA?’ question.

2. The genre run though: Does it have romance? Is it dystopian? Fantasy?
Probably my priority when spontaneous buying a novel in a bookshop. I’m a helpless romantic so I am quickly drawn to a novel with any sort of romance in it, furthermore dystopian and fantasy elements are that added bonus.

3. How many pages is the novel? A lot? Not a lot?
I do judge a book by it’s fatness. I somewhat feel like the fatter the book, the more words it has, the better value for money it is. It also means that I get to read the novel for longer.

4. How is it narrated?
I read a lot of first person narrated novels, so naturally, I look for this when buying a novel. I have a flick though the novel, get a feel of the introduction of the book: read the first few sentences, maybe read a few lines somewhere randomly in the book and then decide.

5. Is the cover nice?
GUILTY! But true for everyone. Buying a book spontaneously means you have to judge the book by it’s cover. You have to take in every detail because you don’t have anyone from the internet’s to help you with.

I hope you enjoyed this post  -thank you for reading! 😀

 What are some of your thoughts when you go decide to spontaneously buy a book? Do you have a list you run through?



2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Book Buying Thoughts

  1. 1. Genre: I’m big into fantasy variety, sci-fi, mystery if done right, etc. Genre’s take half the battle out of the decision.

    2. Pages: I am the same here, the fatter the book the more potential it has. I also see if it has a glossary of terms on the back; if it does then the book get’s bonus points.

    3. First Page: I do something similar like your “Narratied” though I just read a bit to see how the author words things. Not so much the narration.

    4. “Think! Have I heard about this anywhere else via friends or internet?: This doesn’t make or break the deal….it just helps me to see if I can remember if it was a total flop or not.

    5. Cover/Back cover: I am just as guilty of this! Because guess what? Most likely we stopped to pick this book up because something on the cover or spine caught our attention! I always read the small “teaser” on the back cover as well.

    6. Series or Not?: If the book is apart of a collection or series, then it means that the first one must have done well for it to still be going/ have continued for how ever many books after.

    I greatly loved this post! It really made me think of what I do for random picked up books.

    • Your number 6 thought is a good point! I didn’t think about that but I guess I also think about that – whether or not the whole series is out, how long the series is, how much long term commitment I’ll need if I enjoy the book. Thank you for commenting and reading this post 😀 ❤

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