Finding Writing Inspiration

A couple of my friends and I have recently set up a little writing group between us to ‘train’ ourselves to write. Every two weeks, we have to write one thousand words or more and when the two weeks are up, we have to send one another our work for feedback.

I thought it’d be nice to share some of the places I went to to get some inspiration from to start my fingers tapping on the keyboard.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.51.37

1. Pinterest
Pinterest is the most amazing place to find inspiration. I use it so often and not just for writing but for recipes, DIY projects and just things to please my eyes. I call it my equivalent to using Tumblr – I don’t have a Tumblr account but if I did it’d be a copy of everything I pin on Pinterest. Anyway, for writing, I mostly look at different quotes rather than images. There are so many that half the time I just sit and read them all.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.52.23

2. 8tracks
I was only introduced to this site last month and, my gosh, have I used it non-stop. The site has a huge collection of playlists that users are able to create and share, each with multiple tags which allows you to search for a specific mood or emotion.

I’ve also found myself listening to a bunch of random playlists to just discover new artists! (So yay for its multipurpose use!)

3. My bookshelf
(This is where I want to insert an image of my bookshelf, but the state of it from now on is horrible. So please, if you will, use your imagination and insert your own bookshelf image here and continue reading!)

There’s no such thing as originality, right? We’re all stealing from one another even if it’s unintentional. So why not start with something that you enjoy? I spend a good amount of time thinking about each book I’ve read, the things I liked and want to try and include as well as what I didn’t like too much. It also helps me try to think of something completely different to what I have on my shelf and at least try and come up with something original (even if it isn’t in other peoples’ eyes!)

4. Life
Call it the most cliché lines but life is where the best stories come from. There are always elements that spark ideas, whether it be for a crazy dystopian story or a down-to-earth contemporary novel.

There are so many stories that can form from the smallest of events in your life and it’s sitting and waiting for you to take a hold of it! When I get down to it, I split ‘life’ into two sections of what I wish I did or what I wish I could have done. With a pile of awkward social situations there are plenty for me to choose from…

The annoying fact is, is that even with my four pointers, I always still struggle to get things going. Gotta push on anyway, I guess.

Comment and share your ways to get inspired to get your fingers tapping or pen scribbling down below!


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