Auto Buy Authors

I’ve been hovering around YouTube to see if I could find anything that could inspire a post. Oddly enough, this post idea came quite quickly when I saw two booktubers post a video, one after the other on my sub page, to do with their auto buy authors. Why not?

Auto buy authors are, simply, those authors who’s book you’ll buy no matter what. Doesn’t matter what the novel is about, you’ll buy it because it’s this author and you know it’ll be great anyway. I’ve got quite a few auto-buy authors, which is both a good and bad thing: good because I know what I’m getting and bad because I don’t stretch out to find many other authors.

But anyway, here’s a list of five authors who are on my auto buy list!

1. With no surprise, my first auto buy author is  Sarah Dessen. As my all time favourite author, Dessen can release any crazy (but obviously amazing) novel and I will buy it. I don’t even read the blurb for her books before I buy them now! She started everything off for me and I don’t know if I can ever thank her enough. The thought of meeting her one day is not even a thought I can imagine.

2. I can always count on a Colleen Hoover novel to give me an amazing romance story. No clichés but a hell of a lot of twists and gut ripping turns. Hoover is classed as an NA author, and she fits in that category more and more today with her new releases, but I call the Slammed series and Hopeless series more YA (or NA without the sex? Is there such thing?). And those are where her best works lie. Yet that doesn’t discourage me from buying and reading her novels. I have never been able to guess a twist that’s happened so far!

3. James Dawson. I don’t even feel like I need to explain why Dawson is a auto buy for me, but lets try. We start with a few crime books, moving on to a horror novel and then a bit of a thriller and now romance. Sounds a bit dodgey. Sounds like it could be a bit shaky because he’s messing around with styles, but it’s far from that. His books also pick up on many things in life now, tumblr and the whole idea of fangirling/fanboying over TV shows and stars, which is what I find really refreshing.

4. For Holly Bourne, I only had to read one book to know. Soulmates freaked out all my emotions to make me want more of her writing. I cannot praise that book enough, it was such a great read and it doesn’t have the typical romance storyline. Her second book The Manifesto to How To Be Interesting had this rawness to it that held my attention until the end. The contrast between them is crazy – how is she able to flip just like that? But through this it shows her true and awesome talent.

5. For my final auto buy author, I am giving it to Stephanie Perkins. Something interesting about Perkins, and something that I just thought of whilst typing this up, is that her book released so far have been a sort of series. This doesn’t stop her from being my auto buy author but I think it’d be interesting to read about characters who aren’t in the world of Anna and Étienne (as much as I love them) I think it’ll be exciting to read something outside of them.

I have a feeling this won’t be my last post about auto buy authors…

Who are your auto-buy authors and why? Comment and share below!



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