Bad Bookish Habits

We all have our bad bookish habits that we want to break but can’t. I thought I’d share five of mine with you today.

I stick to what I know.

I get worried when I pick up a novel by an author who’ve I’ve never heard about. Most of the times, because I am so behind in my reading, I almost always only have time for my auto buy authors.

I panic buy when I go to author signings.

I am horrific when it comes to author signings. I panic and think ‘well, I’ve got to make this signing worth it because what if the author doesn’t do another signing again?’ Thus resulting in me back cataloguing on books of a specific author.

I judge a book by its cover.

Everyone’s worst habit but it has a huge impact on whether or not I buy a book. If it’s not appealing to me, I won’t remember it and probably won’t buy it. I definitely try not to do this but it’s something that I do think about.

I don’t use bookmarks.

Torn tissues, old receipts, a playing card, I use them all. I have an insane amount of bookmarks but don’t use them! This is probably because when I pick up a book, I don’t pick up a bookmark at the same time. I pick a book, go downstairs, start to read it and then when I need to grab a drink or something I use whatever is closest to me. (Books should come with bookmarks when you buy them – genius idea! Now who wants to go on the Apprentice and make it a thing??)

I buy books that I never read.

Worst habit ever. Charity shops and discount book shops are the worst because I always get sucked into buying a book from them because of the price, yet when it comes down to it, I lose interest.


What bad bookish habit do you have you wish you could break?


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