Books and Boyfriends

I’ve had this post on my drafts for a while and after my previous post, I thought it was finally time to bring this post into the sunshine.

I actually had difficulties coming up with my fictional boyfriends list. I don’t know if it’s something common to other people and please let me know if this is the case for you! But when there’s a couple I love so much I feel bad ‘taking’ the male character and placing them into my fictional boyfriend list because their relationship is so individual and special… I just feel bad!

(I will also admit that it was actually surprisingly really hard to write this post. All my reasons are ‘because they just are’ and ‘because they are amazing’ and that doesn’t make the best of reads.)

Will Cooper from Slammed
Will Cooper is definitely on the list of ‘I-love-you-but-you-are-so-cute-with-your-girlfriend-that-i-don’t-want-you’ list. My love for him increased when I read Point of Retreat, where we see more of his thoughts and feelings, and then to push it that extra bit further he kept certain objects and items that links to events between him and Lake… some of those moments were as simple as a receipt, but it meant something to him… so he kept it. Creeper or cute? Cute – I’m swooning.

Matt Watkins from Flat Out Love by Jessica Park
Me and my friend absolutely love Matt. He has the kindest heart and is a complete the best of ways. Everything he does in this book – oh bless him – even though they aren’t the conventional way of getting a girl, it adds to why I love him so much more. He also has a great sense of humour and that’s a yes yes from me.

Alex Sheathes from Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Somewhat of a superhero showing the ‘impossible’. Alex is caring and incredibly and heartbreakingly selfless. He takes care of Lena, especially when it comes down to something so new to her. I think I love that aspect of this novel because of the huge amount of trust between one another after a few interactions.

Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth
Do I really need to explain myself for Four? I mean, do I? Do I? Do I really? No.

Lucas Maxfield from Easy by Tammara Webber
Okay, so Lucas has the mysterious bad boy thing going on. I can say that straight away and with that comes the confident personality. He also hands out free Starbucks drinks so, I mean, there’s that huge advantage 😉

This definitely won’t be the only Books and Boyfriends post, because there are a lot I have stored up.


But who are some of your fictional boyfriends? Share and comment below!



3 thoughts on “Books and Boyfriends

  1. I LOVE that you said Will! Can you just imagine him writing poetry and reciting it for you?! OH DEAR LORD. I just kinda died. I love him and all Coho books! Maybe Someday is my fav though but Slammed and Hopeless is a close second. Also, yes Alex. I can’t imagine what he had to endure. The kind of isolation and torture :(( His love is real! And yes for he is a hottie ❤ I've been wanting to read Easy is it good? 🙂

    • Hoover writes novels with amazing lead males, but I think the only thing about the other males are that the characters are so complex that I can’t even imagine myself handling the situation very well, like Ridge or Miles (I wouldn’t even be bothered with Miles) or Owen.. etc. Easy is amazing! It’s one of my favourite novels so I guess my opinion is very biased towards it 😉 Tammara Webber is such an awesome author too – she’s so lovely 🙂 Let me know if you do pick up the book – I’d love to hear your opinion of it!

      • Actually the last two books of Colleen (Ugly Love and Confess) I didn’t like as much as the first 6 books hoping that November 9 is where she redeems herself given the fact that she said its her most favorite book among all that she’s written. This gives me hope. 🙂 Honestly though, even I wouldn’t get into to whole Miles situation nor Owen lol. Yes, I’m really a fan of NA so I’ll be sure to pick up Easy soon ❤

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