Goodbye 2015

I’ve been lazy as hell these past weeks. Yeah, sue me, it’s Christmas and I haven’t been in the mood to blog so I haven’t. I’m also super behind on reviews and when happens I normally leave it until it’s long enough that I don’t need to review them. Yeah, I’ve just not been in the mood to blog. But with a new year round the corner (sorry to be cliché), I thought it was time to bring myself back here. And I don’t truly know when I’ll be back but that’s for another time.

So.. Dear 2015,

Where did you go? It’s gotten to the stage where counting forward has become unbelievably stressful. By the end of this year, I’ll be half way through my uni course. Next year, I will be in third year and two years from now, I’ll have finished uni completely and have graduated.

But let’s not focus on the future right now…

2015 has come and gone and I need to focus on that. To be perfectly honest, like every year, I struggle to think of what really happened. I finished my first year in April. Then from there I went and did two internships. One planned and one.. spontaneous and in the moment. I’ll just say that people should pay close attention to Twitter, ’cause things srping up. I met loads of lovely people, both those who are wanting to be in the publishing industry and those already in it. I am hugely grateful for those opportunities and cannot wait to see what more I can learn next year (hopefully!). They ultimately made my summer go by too quickly.

2015 brought me a new house, some new housemates and a lot and lot of baking. The freedom to have a clean kitchen and a household where everyone does their chores is amazing. I also managed to bake every week, which has been crazy fun, especially since I have everyone at uni to feed the baked goods 😉 Spending time in a clean kitchen is also amazing. I can cook as much as I want – and I already know next year there will be a lot of green veg involved because this Christmas has been days of over-eating.

2015 also brought my first flight alone, and I don’t even mean this metaphorically, I mean this literally. I hate travelling on planes so that fact that I was alone made the whole experience a lot worse. But it wasn’t too bad. I travelled to Spain to visit my sister and it was a great weekend away. This weekend also inspired a short story I wrote for my portfolio hand in.

I have been very lucky during my first term as a second year student as I only had two modules. These were both creative writing modules and less intense than what it will be like in the new year. I have had a really nice time in both these modules and I would like to say that I have gained confidence in my work – although I have yet to find ‘my style’ just yet. Next year, I will be tackling four modules, two of which being my weakest of skills and are English Lit modules. I’m trying not to get too stressed out about this.. (totes not working!!).

One final thing, is that 2015 gave me lots and lots of events. I went to my first London Book Fair. It was something I’d always wanted to attend, having attended a small talk the year before. It was crazily overwhelming and really inspiring. I recommend everyone to go at least once. Of course, this was then followed by the biggest book-ish event YALC. Even better than the last and I met so many more people, who’ll I’ll hopefully meet again next year. The final, ‘big’ book event in London was the YA Shot. But for this one, I was part of the team. This was a fairly relaxed event, compared to YALC and was spread over several venues so wasn’t at all too crowded either. All in all, bookish events were maxed out for me.

I have to admit that I am now going to ramble even more and add some goals or aims I want to try and achieve next year.

Firstly is to pass. This is one of those things where people say “of course, you’ll pass” but I struggle greatly at uni. I don’t know if it’s my lack of confidence or just complete slow learning, I can never get the grades I want. Granted, I’m always the one with the lowest grades in the group. But anyway, to pass would be amazing. I hope I can focus and be confident in my work and enable me to push to the next level.

Secondly, and not sounding at all greedy, but I really want to be able to get an internship in YA editorial. Having interned at two publicity roles, I really want to experience an editorial role before I settle. It’s the most important thing to me because I want to ensure that I set myself on the right route once I’ve finished with uni.

Thirdly, I want to eat better. This year has been horrible and it’s taken it’s tole on my face. A lot of sugar has built up and now I need to eat better and get the skin that I had before. I’ve been looking at a lot of alternatives and will hopefully be taking some of small changes in my diet. Small cut outs and maybe a week or two cutting out refined sugars. I am also hoping this will help me build the stamina I need for the long days to come in term two!!

Fourthly, I need to get on my blogging game! This year has given me 67 wonderful posts (including this one!). I will admit, I am not too ambitious about blogging for the next year. I know that there will be less time to do anything, with two English Lit reading lists to get through and then the other two creative writing ones, my pleasure reading will be non-exsistant. So maybe one here or there, maybe an opinionated one, but next year will be slow.

And now lastly, go outside once in a while. I’ve become such a hermit because I like our house so much. It’s nothing fancy, it is a uni student house after all! But I’ve arranged all the furniture differently in my room, all my shelves are stacked with my books, it’s become a place where I like spending time. But… I need to get out. Especially now it’s so cold, I need to go out and warm up. So going outside just for a brief walk is my final goal to ensure I don’t become a freezing icicle in our home.

So there it is. My last 2015 post.

I lastly want to say thank you to all my readers, like I do every year. My blog runs on books I buy, which means I never have new released books. I never keep up with new releases and most of the times the books are read are ‘old’ to what other bloggers have. So thank you to my readers, whether you’re a reader of reviews or features or a one time reader. I love this space as a place to get away and write with no pressure and it continues to be that place.

I guess, I’ll blog to you on the other side..

Sabrina x


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