Movie Review: Allegiant

fid15622Director: Robert Schwentke
Release Date: 10th March 2016 (Lionsgate)
Running Time: 120 minutes
Certificate: 12A

Who even knew the film was coming out on the 3rd March? Because I forgot and Divergent is like my “thing“.

The drawback for this film franchise is that fact that they dropped the bomb on the “not following the book” storyline, but going into I was ready to accept the book and film were different and expectations were on the floor. It gets a bit awkward when it doesn’t even surpass expectations.

Picking up where we left off, Jeanine is dead and the fence wall has opened and Evelyn (with her some-what more glamorous outfit compared to others)  has taken control over things inside of the wall. Of course, Tris and crew aren’t down with that so hope over the wall.. and encounter Mars/Wizard of Oz/this-is-what-the future-will-look-like-on-Earth-land. Whilst everything inside the wall is havoc, it’s just the same on the outside, and Tris doesn’t know who to save, her home (a made up world like The Truman Show) or humanity..?!!? And oh the drama…!

To be fair, the very beginning few minutes were not bad. We saw a bit about how people inside the wall work as a system, Tris somehow having longer hair after a day or two, and Four just looking as great as ever (yes, I bias with Tobias). But then the wall comes into play and it’s just…

Allegiant is all CGI. And if it’s not going to be good, please people, do not include it. We know that they blew the budget on the film as the publicity for Allegiant was nada. But how could they get this so wrong? Since two thirds of the film is on Mars, lots of the scenes have green screens, and it became so visible, it was distracting. I miss the way they used to work in Divergent.

There were a huge amount of scenes, basically the whole film, was unnecessary. There were lots of panning shots of scenery (I’ll come back to this point later), huge long bits of silence, awkward pauses, close up face shots (yes to every single one that was on Theo) and dramatic music when things were not dramatic! It was a sham. Totally disjointed at some times and because they wanted to pack so much information before the action, which we’ll see in the next film, I became lost and confused half the time.

It’s such a shame because the actors are all amazing but the script this time around was horrific. The worst lines were given to Caleb and Peter. Caleb had the obvious lines, that we really didn’t need, an example: four ‘drones’ were chasing Tris, Christina and Caleb and Caleb says “there are four drones chasing us” – Caleb, oh Caleb. Peter is one of my favourite characters by the end of Allegiant and although he wasn’t a bully in the film and more like a tease, they overdone it hugely in Allegiant. He had ‘funny’ lines and at times we lost the part of Peter seen in film one and two.

There are a lot of weird and creepy moments in this film. There were characters that were introduced that made them seem like love interests and/or made them just plain creepy. It’s very difficult to distinguish who is good and who is bad.

It was a poor way to introduce Jeff Daniels, who plays David, into the movie. In essence, he was exactly like Jeanine and that really showed laziness. He was also the one who had the huge pauses and silent gaps, which became overused and unnatural. His name was said more times than Tris and Four’s name combined. It was crazy!

Tris was so naive in this film and I don’t know if it’s because of this father like figure that David almost had. She was the one who spouted out his name multiple times. But to be honest, she also had very little screening time and that was because more of it was given to Four. Yet this was not for the right purposes and there was no sense in anything!!

The only parts that were done well – or visually pleasing – were the scenic views and character shots. Yes, this was also overdone, but they were really visually appealing. However, these were also shots without the CGI. There were lots of moments of: ‘omg, they aren’t lazy and actually built the set’ and especially in the scenic views, this was more apparent. Character close ups were not needed. They were also overdone, like in Mockingjay, but they got great angles on Theo James so I can’t complain!

Laughter erupted throughout the film, but it wasn’t because it was good. It was so bad it was funny.  Allegiant is terrible. The corny obvious lines, wtf moments and the complete bafflement of the disaster we were watching was too much. No wonder the director quit… He knew this would happen and he’s escaped before he could get credited any more.

At least it was enjoyable..


My Rating:

1 cup

Check out the featurette for Allegiant below:


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