Sabrina is a lover of books, dreamer of food and is overly optimistic and enthusiastic as much as possible.

As much as Sabrina would love to say that books were a part of her life from a young age, she’d be lying. Reading was never something she was interested in until her GCSEs, where she fell in love with young adult fiction and all novels by Sarah Dessen.

Sabrina has always been interested in the Arts and media studies, initially wanting to be an actress. The dream died quickly but her curiosity for film and theatre still lives, and she hopes one day she can work behind the scenes in a film or theatre production.

In her spare time, she also love going to the theatre, taking advantage of living close to London. It’s an expensive hobby so when she’s not in London, she’ll be writing short fiction, screenplays or.. on YouTube.


This blog runs solely on books she buys. Sabrina does not receive any books from publishers or authors. She has managed to build a platform that is free from deadlines and pressure.


What Sabrina is Currently Listening To: The Last Five Years
What Sabrina Currently Watching: Too much…
Favourite 2017 Read So Far: Little White Lies by Katie Dale

If you would like to contact Sabrina, you can do so via Twitter. And you can also find her on Goodreads and Instagram.


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